We provide suspension servcies

We Provide Suspension Repairs & Replacements Plus Lift Kits at Cain & Sons' Automotive

Properly aligned steering and suspension can help deliver a smooth and controlled ride. Cain and Sons’ Automotive offers quality affordable Glen Rock, PA auto repair services and Glen Rock, PA Suspension Repair.
What they do: The steering system and suspension systems bear the weight of the vehicle, maintain the tires on the road while driving and assist in delivering a hassle-free, safer trip.

Why service is necessary: The steering and suspension system must be checked at least once a year to prevent significant repairs. Anytime you feel symptoms of steering or suspension troubles have your mechanic check your car to correct the issue rapidly. Extended steering and suspension concerns will result in extreme safety dangers quickly.

Glen Rock, PA Suspension Repair Services

Indicators that you require your steering and suspension system examined consist of:

    Pulling to the side
    Troubles steering
    Complications driving over uneven roads or dips
    The vehicle continues to bounce after going over a bump
    Tires stray or shake
    Steering seems to be slipping

To help ensure your steering and shocks are working appropriately, the technician may examine all of your steering and suspension parts, and will also evaluate:

    Power steering fluid
    The tightness of nuts and bolts
    Uneven tires or wear
    Unbalanced wheels
    Torn or used power steering belts
    Problems with alignment
    Impacts and/or Struts
    Steering Wheel Alignment

Our technicians will also inspect your tires and tire balance to make sure the complications are not tire-related. We will take care of all of your steering necessities, call or stop in today for an estimation!
Cain and Sons’ Automotive offers Glen Rock, PA Suspension Repair

Call Cain and Sons’ Automotive soon to set up your next Suspension Repair and Wheel Alignment service. Cain and Sons’ Automotive is proud to be your number one auto repair services in Glen Rock, PA, and provider of Glen Rock, PA tires.


You see them all the time: Light trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Jeeps, and more, coasting down the highway, sitting atop towering truck suspension lift kits and sporting a set of tires so big that a person could live in them.  If you're the curious type looking to lift up your own rig, the important question than "How do I get my ride to do that" is "Why should my ride do that?"

There are several reasons why people might customize their vehicles with suspension lift kits, as well as quite a bit to know before you get started. Whether you're a seasoned veteran who has conquered the most vicious terrain or you're just getting started and want to familiarize yourself with the basics on lift kits, we can assist you with all of your lift kit needs.


Drivelines should be evaluated at the initial sign of a problem. Cain and Sons’ Automotive does quality auto repair services in Glen Rock, PA.

What they do: The driveline of your vehicle takes the power generated by the engine and transforms it into the rotation of the tires, providing the velocity of your vehicle utilizing torque.

Driveline weathering occurs over time, and to avoid extra repairs, any type of driveline worries ought to be evaluated when possible.

Glen Rock, PA Driveline Maintenance and Service

Vibration while driving can be a result of driveline vibration or the interruption in the operating angles of your driveline, however, it can likewise suggest troubles with an out of balance or under-inflated tire. At the first indicator of a problem or vibrations, have your tires and drivelines looked at.

Always have your tires and drivelines examined if you observe the following issues.

    - Turning issues particularly when making tight turns, U-turns, or auto parking
    - A Low squeaking sound that worsens with deceleration
    - Vibrations that increase with rate and vibrations that take place when the automobile is moving whatsoever or idling

Below are some ideas for preserving your driveline:

    - Watch and preserve the appropriate degree of engine fluids
    - Avoid harsh use of your driveline such as pulling too heavy of a lots
    - Ask a professional to check your CV and universal joints for lack of lubricant or too much motion
    - Delivering your car in for an examination drive to inspect for any noises or vibration occurring in the course of acceleration that could suggest a joint trouble
    - We may also carry out tire checks, tire balancing, and tire rotation, to provide the most effective driving experience!

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